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Best Soccer Socks

Importance of soccer socks

If you love soccer as much as I do, you’ll probably know that each small piece of equipment has its own importance. That’s also the case with choosing the right socks even if that may sound a little bit funny at the moment, believe me, it’s important, I’ve learned the hard way. For example, if you buy the first cool, good-looking cleats that you’ll see just because how they look, you’ll probably end up with a large amount of pain just after few times wearing them or even if you’re good at soccer you’ll be looking like the funniest person to ever played soccer. Why? Just because you didn’t do the research and you probably bought the inadequate cleats for the surface on which you’re playing soccer. Or in the case of the socks, you may end up with injuries or a lot of pain caused by blisters. Like I said before each piece of equipment has its own importance and understanding how to choose your equipment based on your soccer involvement can save you a lot of trouble and pain.

But first, why do we need to wear socks? Or can’t we just wear the cleats barefoot?

Wearing socks is a must if you want to play soccer, especially because you want to protect your feet from friction caused by rubbing from the cleats or getting blisters and you want to feel comfortable wearing cleats while playing. But the most important application of the socks is to hold the shin guards tight in order to avoid injuries. So if you want to feel comfortable playing and you definitely don’t want to get injuries wear appropriate socks.

Different types of socks and my recommendation

What do appropriate socks mean? Well there are tons of different brands available today so based on your involvement you should choose from them. The material used for producing the socks plays a huge role in your foot health and will also play a huge role in the protection that the socks will offer. Most common types are the 100% cotton socks and socks made of synthetic materials like spandex, polyester, and acrylic. I personally would recommend the one made out of synthetic material. The cotton socks are not good at wicking moisture and we all know soccer is a very physical game so there’s going to be a lot of sweat and moisture during playing and if there’s moisture, blisters are inevitable. They’re cheaper but you can get lot more serious problems like odor or even Athlete’s foot, and let’s face it nobody wants that. My advice is if you really want the cotton for any reason please wear two pairs of them so that you can fight a little bit better with all the problems I mentioned earlier. My recommendation is to spend a little bit more on the ones made out of synthetic material and be safe. These socks are far better at friction, they’re great at wicking moisture and keeping your feet healthy, they don’t shrink and they are really comfortable and we all want to be comfortable playing. Many brands have developed technology for wicking moisture. For instance:

Nike technology is known as Dri-Fit,
Adidas technology is known as Clima-Cool and Clima-Lite
Puma technology is known as CoolCell, DryCell and CoolPlus Yarn
Under Armour technology is known as ArmourDry and HeatGear.
All of these companies realized the importance of the socks and they started developing so much more components. A lot of the brands took a step forward in developing high end socks just to fit the right or left foot. They will have a small letter R or L so you can distinguish which is which. Some of the other components are:
*Non-slip technology
*Anti-odor technology
*Arch support
*Achilles cushioning
*Ribbed ankle support
When it comes to the length of the socks these are the types that are available: (Here we need pictures of the length types of socks)
Over the calf
Low cut and
No show

Over the calf are the ones that you wear during the game, they are the longest or as the name implies their length is over the calf and they provide the best protection by keeping the shin guards tight. My advice would be to own at least two pairs of these, for home and away games.

During practice, I would recommend crew just because you don’t have to wear shin guards. I would recommend owning at least 3 pairs so you can protect yourself from odor and bacteria.

My top 5 over the calf recommendations

1.- The Calf Performance Socks


These are high quality over the calf performance socks. For all of you who want to recognize your kid while playing these colorful socks are the right choice. But that’s something that a lot of the socks can offer right? Well, these particular type can offer you ergonomic cushioning, gives compression to legs, helps you with moisture and odor control, gives you so much comfort around the arch and around your whole feet, so the whole way of experiencing soccer is improved. If you want to say goodbye to blisters these are the right choice for you.

2.- Akilex Soccer Socks



If you’re looking for enhanced durability, compression and boost stamina these soccer socks are the perfect fit for you and they’re great for both man and women. They have ticker bottom, pro anti-skid, moisture management, breathe freely and they are comfortable and stretchable.

3.- Adidas Traxion Premier Soccer Socks


Let’s not forget Adidas and his great over the calf options. Particularly these type of them with ClimaColl technology provide great moisture control and breathability and they are not at high range price. You’re safe from impact with the cushioned arch and ankle component, and Traxion increases grip and stability within your shoe. These are also left/right specific fit.

4.- Nike NikeGrip


Nike has produced one of the finest over the calf socks. Yes, these are in the high price range but are definitely worth. The price is based on all of the advanced components that they offer. Their Dri Fit fabric pulls away sweat to keep you cool and comfortable, with the zonal cushioning say goodbye to the pressure from the cleats, and their advanced gripping yarn offers traction inside and out.

5.- Athletic Over the Calf Soccer Socks Non Slip



My last recommendation is on these athletic over the calf socks. They’re high quality made, great for soccer, with moisture and breathability control, and their most important part is the non-slip they provide.

During practice, I would recommend crew just because you don’t have to wear shin guards. I would recommend owning at least 3 pairs so you can protect yourself from odor and bacteria.

My top 5 crew recommendation for practice/training

1.- TCK Sports Elite Performance Digital Camo Crew Socks



The TCK sports elite are high-quality crew socks, who provide arch compression, moisture management, and odor and blister control. The price for what you get is great.

2.- TCK Sports Baseline 3.0 Multisport Elite Performance Crew Socks



These crew socks are from the same brand TCK, and pretty much are offering the same quality and protection the only difference is that these are multisport which means they’re great not only for practicing soccer but for a lot of different sports. You can check the reviews to get a better understanding.

3.- Non Slip Sport Socks



Apex crew socks are one of my favorites of all time. They are the best non-slip sports socks proven to improve speed and agility with the best traction technology.

4.- NikeGrip Lightweight Crew Training Socks



NikeGrip lightweight crew training socks with left/right specific design provides custom, comfortable fit. They provide extra traction for optimal performance and increased agility. They’re in higher price range only because of the fabric used for their production.

5.- Anti-Slip Soccer Sock Football Socks Mid Calf Short/Stockings



If you want to save some money and still get great quality sports socks this mid-calf type is the right choice. For the price of one, you’ll get three pairs with great quality and performance. They’re thick, non-slippery, breathable and great for all the sports.

And for running you can choose between the low cut and no show.

And for running you can choose between the low cut and no show.

Additional tips and advice about picking the right socks and taking care of them
And about how to take care of them my recommendation is to never wash them in hot water if you don’t want them to shrink or loosen up. Cold water is the best solution but warm water can also work.
Try creating like a chart or like a picture about this:

Buying guide:
Length of the socks:
*Over the calf
*Low cut and
*No show
Type of material:
100% cotton
Synthetic material (spandex, polyester, acrylic)
Type of involvement:
Playing – over the calf
Practicing – low cut
Professional – sock with additional components
Perfect fit:
Always look at the shoe size at the label, not the “sock size”

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When you're buying soccer socks the importance of how they fit is enormous. Just like with cleats you have to carefully pick the perfect fit for your socks so you can avoid trouble and pain. For example, if you buy the larger size you'll end up with the problem of them being loose which will cause discomfort. Completely opposite if you buy the smaller size you'll end up with them being tight and causing you problems with the circulation. So pick carefully so that they'll fit the length and width of the foot perfectly. My tip would be to make sure you always look at the shoe size and not the "sock size" at the label.

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